Pirates Quest


Can you find Captain Crapsalot’s long lost treasured booty? Captain Crapsalot was an infamous pirate who sailed for years on his ship, The Brown Barnacle. Now Captain Crapsalot and his crew were supposedly some of the worst pirates to ever live.

According to legend, their long voyage only ended due to them managing to shipwreck in the land-locked state of Tennessee. Captain Crapsalot and his crew were never seen again. New evidence suggests, however, that Captain Crapsalot and his Number Two survived and took his treasured booty and lived the rest of his days here, at Smoky Mountain Escape Games. You are now on a quest, in which many others before you failed, to find the treasured booty and maybe even discover what happened to Captain Crapsalot and his Number Two.

All Rooms

Smoky Mountain Escape Games provides Private rooms for your group. Play with your group with no necessity to add players or people you don’t know. Need a hint? We are happy to provide you as many as you need to try to successfully complete the game. If you get stuck, we will guide you! We want everyone to have the best time possible!