Mad Scientist


Just one drink.

Enter the Mad Scientist room at Smoky Mountain Escape Games.  Dr. Fritz Von Hoffen has been labeled a “Mad Scientist.”  He has dedicated his life’s work to creating THE ANTIDOTE – a cure to the terminal illness which has befallen his beloved wife Hilde.  Two days ago, he finally perfected it.  Fritz was framed by a group of jealous colleagues who call themselves THE NUCLEUS. With Fritz locked away, wrongly accused, they plan to weaponize his powerful ANTIDOTE and sell it on the black market to some of our country’s deadliest enemies.  THE NUCLEUS must be stopped.  You must locate THE ANTIDOTE and use it to clear Fritz’s good name, allowing him to finally cure his darling wife Hilde!  Enjoy the trill and excitement of the Smoky Mountain Escape Games Mad Scientist Room.

A science experiment gone right; but the antidote has fallen into the wrong hands!  This Mad Scientist escape game room adventure in the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg area will require teamwork, quick thinking, and determination to find the clues to recover the antidote and escape.  Can you do it before time runs out?  Only one thing is for certain, you will have fun trying.  Suitable for all ages.

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