Diamond Heist


The Perfect Robbery

Welcome to the Diamond Heist room at Smoky Mountain Escape Games – where the Star of Dreams Diamond has been stolen!  Montgomery Bank & Trust is a known front for money laundering, as well as other criminal activity.  Reliable intel indicates the Star of Dreams is secured somewhere on their premises, presumably under the watchful eye of the bank’s president, Charles Montgomery, III.  Your help is needed to ensure the Star of Dreams Diamond is recovered by its rightful owner! It’s up to you to break into Montgomery’s office, locate his secret vault and confiscate the diamond before he returns.  Enjoy the thrill and excitement of the Smoky Mountain Escape Games Diamond Heist Room.

While in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area, become a crime stopper in this interactive robbery scenario.  Our Heist’s game challenge is to recover the stolen Star of Dreams Diamond.  To do so, it will require teamwork, quick thinking, and determination to solve the puzzles to locate the diamond and escape before the Bank’s President returns.  Can you do it before time runs out?  Only one thing is for certain, you will have fun trying.  Suitable for all ages.

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